Pracownia Testów na 11th European Conference On Psychological Assessment


Poniżej mogą Państwo przeczytać abstrakt wystąpienia zaprezentowanego przez Urszulę Brzezińską, specjalistę z zespołu Pracowni: Translation or Reconstruction- This Is a Question. About Test Adaptations Problems From a Publisher Perspective...

Translation or reconstruction - This is the question

The Publishers' struggles to make the psychological tool diagnostic for the new population and / or let the tool keep their original identity

Urszula Brzezinska, Psychological Test Laboratory of Polish Psychological Association, Poland

Adaptation of psychological tools has become somewhat universal and widely accepted. 
Issues typically consider bilingual studies, back translation, or need to conduct pilot studies. This is less scholarship on what to do when the original publisher insists there is no need to change anything in the tool construction and that the preservation of its original identity is important. However, the publisher is likely to know the creation of valid tools with good prognostic parameters may need to differ somewhat from the original scale. The mission of Psychological Test Laboratory (PPL) of the Polish Psychological Association, Poland\'s biggest national publisher, is to bring to the market products that meet the highest ethical and methodological standards. Its team of researchers is responsible for creating, adapting, and publishing new tools. For 25 years PPL has had numerous experiences in these efforts, especially in adapting tests and questionnaires.
The experiences of the PPL staff will be discussed in light of its work with the newest adaptation: EPQ-R, ACL, and Words and Numbers Test. The following issues will be discussed: Is the adaptation of a psychological test in ways that maintain its identity and make it prognostic for the new population possible? What form of adaptation is the most effective and why. To what extent can the requirements of the licensor and needs of psychologists-practitioners be attained?

Pracownia Testów na 11th European Conference On Psychological Assessment
Pracownia Testów na 11th European Conference On Psychological Assessment
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