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Coloring Book. Hieronymus Bosch

Big art for little hands, these enchanting activity books allow young artists to explore the world's masterpieces on their own terms and with plenty of space to color outside the lines.

This delightful children's activity book is published to mark the 75th year since the Prado in Madrid acquired the Garden of Earthly Delights triptych and the quincentenary of the artist's death in 2016. This coloring book ...



Colour Poland. Sticker and Colouring Book

Autor: brak danych

Sticker and Colouring Activity Book is a wonderful souvenir from Poland for children.

With this book children can:• Explore the most important places and attractions in Poland.• Consolidate their knowledge about famous monuments, legends and historical figures.• Colour the pictures and recall the visited places.• Have fun playing with stickers.

My First Poland Sticker and ...



Colours. Kolory

Każdy z dwunastu tomów serii Britannica Discovery Library został tak zaprojektowany, by dzieci bawiąc się poznawały jednocześnie otaczający je świat. Britannica Discovery Library to lektura, z której korzystać może przez kilka lat, podczas których dzieci przechodzą od etapu słuchania czytanego im tekstu do samodzielnego czytania.

Każdy tom Britannica Discovery Library, oprócz bogato ilustrowanego ...



Concerning Violence

Angered by the racism he witnessed on Martinique during the Second World War, Fanon here examines the roles of class, culture and violence, and expresses his profound alienation from the idea of colonialism and its bloodshed. More than four decades on, Fanon's work still inspires liberation movements today.   No. 59 in the series Great Ideas Kolekcjonerska seria Wielkich Idei wydawnictwa Penguin, ...



Confessions of a Sinner

Aprofound influence not only on Christian theology but on the psychology and political philosophy of the West since the Dark Ages. One of the greatest explorations of sin, epiphany and redemption ever written, the Confessions of Saint Augustine continue to shape our ideas with their passionate declaration of the life-changing power of faith.  No. 3 in the series Great Ideas Kolekcjonerska seria ...



Confessions of an English Opium Eater

Describing the surreal hallucinations, insomnia and nightmarish visions he experienced while consuming daily large amounts of laudanum, Thomas De Quincey's legendary account of the pleasures and pains of opium forged a link between artistic self-expression and addiction, and paved the way for later generations of literary drug-takers from Baudelaire to Burroughs.   No. 70 in the series ...



Consolation in the Face of Death

In his moving essay, Samuel Johnson offers wise words on confronting grief at the loss of a loved one. The other pieces here, ranging from art to marriage to morality, demonstrate the brilliance, perception and wit that made Johnson the leading man of letters of his day, and one of the finest essayists in the English language.   No. 67 in the series Great Ideas Kolekcjonerska seria Wielkich Idei ...



Conspicuous Consumption

With its wry portrayal of a shallow, materialistic 'leisure class' obsessed by clothes, cars, consumer goods and climbing the social ladder, this withering satire on modern capitalism is as pertinent today as when it was written over a century ago.   No. 38 in the series Great Ideas Kolekcjonerska seria Wielkich Idei wydawnictwa Penguin, w języku angielskim - dla koneserów!



Cora would like to have a dog

Te małe książeczki, Jaskółki, nie są zwiastunami wiosny, lecz zapowiedzią znakomitej zabawy w czasie nauki języka obcego!Cora - bohaterka tych książeczek dzięki jaskółkom poznała angielski i niemiecki.Poznaj Core i zbieraj jaskółki.



Days of Reading

In these inspiring essays about why we read, Proust explores all the pleasures and trials that we take from books, as well as explaining the beauty of Ruskin and his work, and the joys of losing yourself in literature as a child.   No. 53 in the series Great Ideas Kolekcjonerska seria Wielkich Idei wydawnictwa Penguin, w języku angielskim - dla koneserów!



Decline of the English Murder

In these timeless and witty essays George Orwell explores the English love of reading about a good murder in the papers (and laments the passing of the heyday of the 'perfect' murder involving class, sex and poisoning), as well as unfolding his trenchant views on everything from boys' weeklies to naughty seaside postcards.


No. 79 in the series Great ...



Dialogue Between Fashion and Death

Leopardi, poet and philosopher, explores in humorous but savage dialogue the power of fashion and its strange irrationality. He also imagines conversations between Hercules and Atlas, Nature and an Icelander, and the Earth and the Moon, as well as producing a simple essay praising the humble bird.   No. 85 in the series Great Ideas Kolekcjonerska seria Wielkich Idei wydawnictwa Penguin, w języku ...


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